Environmental Scenario Search Engine

Mining environmental data archives


The main idea behind ESSE is a flexible, efficient and easy to use search engine for data mining in environmental data archives. What makes it so different from conventional text-based search engines is that it actually searches inside the numeric datasets. With ESSE scientists will be able to find specific parameter values, conditions, and scenarios among the huge amount of available environmental data. ESSE will help you find useful data even if you don't know exactly what you are looking for.

By using its fuzzy logic capabilities you can construct complex queries using vague linguistic terms, such as "very large" or "average", or set fuzzy numeric thresholds (for example, "about 100"). If you are an experienced researcher you can still use exact parameter values in your queries. ESSE uses Common Data Model for internal data representation, thus acting as a bridge between the user and the multiple heterogeneous data sources.

You can test ESSE features at our demo portal http://teos1.wdcb.ru/class. This is a web application that uses ESSE engine to search in data archives (currently - NCEP weather reanalysis archive) and provides basic visualization capabilities, including time series plots, 3D animations, and remote sensing satellite images.

We try to make ESSE available on multiple platforms and compatible with popular technologies. In order to achieve relative platform independence we've created a common toolkit, which can be compiled either with Java (Linux and Windows) or with J# compiler (Windows .NET).

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Project Publications

Dr, Zhizhin, M N, Medvedev, D P, Poyda, A A, Dr, Lyutsarev, V S
Grid data mining with CDM active storage
3rd GRID e-collaboration Workshop for Earth Science and Space
16 - 17 January 2008
ESRIN, Frascati (Rome), Italy (Oral)
Environmental Scenario Search and Visualization
November 2007, presentation and paper in Proceedings of ACM GIS 2007, Seattle.
M.Zhizhin, A.Poyda, D.Mishin, D.Medvedev, E.Kihn, V.Lutsarev.
Environmental Scenario Search Engine (ESSE) distributed, optimized, visible
MSR Technical Report, May 2007.
Mikhail Zhizhin, Eric Kihn, Rob Redmon, Alexei Poyda, Dmitry Mishin, Dmitry Medvedev, Vassily Lyutsarev
Integrating and mining distributed environmental archives on Grids.
VLDB DMG Workshop, September 2006.
M. Zhizhin, A. Poyda, D. Mishin, D. Medvedev, E. Kihn, V. Lutsarev.
Scenario Search on the Grid of Environmental Data Sources.
MSR Technical Report, July 2006.

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Frequently Asked Questions

- What could be the benefit to Microsoft technologies?

- What is fuzzy logic?

- What applications can be used with ESSE?

- Why web-services and GRID?

- What users is the project aimed at?

- How can we add a reference to ESSE project when using its data and services?

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Microsoft Research
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The open-source project Environmental Scenario Search Engine (ESSE) delivers several products, among them ...
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Project activity

  1. Grid data mining with CDM active storage Presentation in 3rd GRID e-collaboration Workshop for Earth Science and Space 16 - 17 January 2008.
  2. Environmental Scenario Search and Visualization Presentation and paper in Proceedings of ACM GIS November 2007, Seattle.
  3. Geospatial information and application integration system "GeoMETA" (in Russian) March 2007. Presentation in GC RAS, Moscow.
  4. Geophysical models and data flows in GRID environment February 2007. Presentation in geological museum, Moscow.
  5. Using Data-Cubes in Science: an Example from Environmental Monitoring of the Soil Ecosystem September 2006. This article by Stuart Ozer, Alex Szalay et al. describes the use of OLAP data cubes for environmental monitoring of the soil ecosystem.
  6. The draft version of the 1st year report has been prepared (30 April 2006).
  7. ESSE toolkit has been developed. It has been tested to work on Windows (.NET/J#) and Linux (Java) platforms.
  8. ESSE portal was presented at the EGEE conference, CERN, Geneva, 28.02.2006 - 03.03.2006. A PowerPoint presentation is available.
  9. Two demo portals have been launched, in Moscow, Russia and in Cambridge, UK.
  10. On September 28th, 2005, the ESSE Project was presented at the Earth sciences round table hosted by the iGrid 2005 meeting in San-Diego, California.
  11. The ESSE press-conference PowerPoint presentation is published on the project web site
  12. On August 29th, 2005, the Microsoft, the Moscow State University, and the Geophysical Center RAS gave a joint press-conference about the ESSE project
  13. Project's open site has been created (the one you are currently viewing)
  14. Project's private portal has been created.
  15. Since July 1 systematic seminars on the project have been carried out.
  16. Project started on July 1, 2005.
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Project Team

Dr. Mikhail Zhizhiin Project lead
Dr. Eric KihnHead in Science
Dr. Vassily LyutsarevProject researcher
Alexander AndreevProject engineer
Andrei GrudnevSysadmin
Dmitry MishinPh.D. student
Andrew PolyakovProject researcher
Alexei PoydaPh.D. student
Dmitry MedvedevPh.D. student
Project contact: esse[a]wdcb.ru
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